Google Display Ad Campaign

Virtual Resources will set up and manage your custom Google Adwords campaign including:

  • Keyword research and suggestions
  • Campaign set up and launch
  • Daily monitoring and maintenance
  • Bid adjustments based on performance
  • Analytic reports
  • Strategic recommendations 

Budgets for display ads are calculated by day and transfer over when unused. It is impossible to forecast Display ad results to costing scenarios. Budgets begin around $10 per day, are paid directly to Google and are in addition to VR management fees.


Product Description

Search Engine Marketing is the process of strategically placing a company’s listing through paid methods like Google AdWords Search and Display ad campaigns.

Display Ads can be text, image, or video and will appear on all available sites hosting Google AdSense. Your display ads can be:

  • personalized based on site content and user interest

  • remarketed to users who have visited your site as they browse sites within the Google Display Network

  • intelligently scale ads against keyword lists

  • restrict your ads to sites where they will only appear within the landing page visible section of a browser.