8 Lesson DIY PR Online Course

The course contains 8 lessons. These, and the associated exercises, are meant to be done in sequential order:

1. Introduction

2. Today's Media Environment

3. Listening, Building a Media List & Interacting with Media Pre Pitch

4. Communicating with Media: Key Messages, Advisories, Press Releases & Media Pitches

5. How to Handle a Media Interview

6. Press Events

7. Measuring your PR Efforts

8. Publishing, Guest Pointing and Your Owned Media Properties as Tools to get Press Coverage

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Product Description

The material covered in this class is practical and designed for real world application. This is not a theoretical course. The course of study involves live support, audio/video tutorials and written exercises. Students are provided with ready to go templates to customize for their specific circumstances. After each module, students take part in a live teleconference featuring various subject matter experts.